Presentation Guidelines

Computers, projectors and media
Both an IBM-compatible PC and a Macbook will be used on site and will have Microsoft PowerPoint installed. USB keys and compact disks are required to transfer oral presentations.

The LCD projector works with both IBM-compatible and Apple-Macintosh PCs, and we will accommodate personal laptops as needed.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations are scheduled for a total of 15 minutes. A talk of 10 minutes should be prepared to allow for 5 minutes of questions and discussion.
All presentations should be given to the audio-visual technician immediately prior to your session. Oral presentations will be awarded based on the quality of the submitted abstract.

Poster presentations

The poster boards will accommodate posters 72 inches long by 36 inches high (landscape layout). The posters will be mounted with staples and staplers provided by the organizing committee.