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The annual Canadian Lipoprotein Conference brings together scientists from Canadian research institutions to present their recent, unpublished findings in the field of lipoprotein metabolism.

Lipoproteins are complex, biochemical structures found in many animals from insects to humans whose primary function is to transport hydrophobic molecules such as cholesteryl esters (CE) and tricylglycerols (TAG) between the tissues of the body. To achieve this goal, CE and TAG are coated by a shell of amphipathic lipids (i.e. phospholipids, cholesterol) and proteins (i.e. apolipoproteins) to fom discoidal or spherical particles of various sizes which are soluble in the circulation (see figure). In addition to the structural component of lipoproteins, numerous proteins and signalling pathways are involved in the synthesis, secretion, modification and clearance of lipoproteins.

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2015 Canadian Lipoprotein Conference

Research Institute, The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto

Thursday October 15th- Sunday October 18th, 2015

Conference Co-Chairs:  Khosrow Adeli and Dominic Ng

Conference Email Address:

Location:  Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning, The Hospital for Sick Children – 686 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5G 0A4

Accommodation:  Rooms reserved at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel and Marriott Toronto Downtown.

2015 Lectureships and Awards:

Rubinstein Lectureship:

Dr. Jay D. Horton , M.D.
Dr. Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Chair in Obesity and Diabetes
Professor of Internal Medicine and Molecular Genetics
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA

Simon Pierre Noël Lectureship:

Dr. Tony Lam
Canada Research Chair in Obesity Scientist,
Division of Cellular & Molecular Biology
Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI),
University of Toronto

Special Symposium: Current landscape of clinical development in lipid therapeutics
Special Symposium: New Frontiers in CardioMetabolic Disease
Senior Investigator Award 2015
New Investigator Award 2015
Oral Presentation Awards
Poster Presentation Awards
More details to follow in the upcoming months!

Event Location

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning,
The Hospital for Sick Children
686 Bay Street,
Toronto, ON
M5G 0A4

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